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Stop smoking

Stop Smoking Now With Wholemind and Hypnosis

Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking

Welcome to your Journey Towards a Whole New Life of No Smoking

You are reading this for a reason.

Perhaps you are reading this because you have already made the decision to stop smoking, perhaps you are only thinking about the ways that you can better use your money, or perhaps you have chosen one of 1000s of good reasons to stop now.

You probably already know that you have taken the first step to saving loads of money and perhaps even adding years to your life. Because you know that… I won’t need to point that out!  Here are some frequently asked questions in terms of my highly acclaimed and successful One Whole Breath Stop Smoking Course.

How many sessions do I need?

My private, group and corporate stop smoking sessions are designed to enable you to become a free, natural and permanent non-smoker.

Smoking cessation can be dealt with through various Wholemind and NLP techniques.

There are two phases to stopping smoking.

1: The initial smoking cessation, which is the easiest phase and why so many courses advertise that you can stop in only one session.

2: Staying away from smoking forever. This is the more difficult process and requires very specific techniques that you can continue to use for years to come if you need to.

Permanent smoking cessation may be structured over two (or more) sessions at the end, you will be free of smoking, without feeling that you have given anything up. Above all: You will also have the tools to remain free forever.

Even more important is that most clients can pay off the investment in savings over one to two months.

At an average of a packet per day you will save R900 per month, with a full course paid off in less than 2 months. That leaves R9000 in your pocket for the end of the year.

What will you do with that money?

For this procedure to be successful and lasting it is vital that we look carefully at your reasons and perceived benefits for smoking. You unconscious mind may reject new plans and pressure to conform to the therapy if these important point remain unaddressed.

For example:

Many people experience high levels of stress or anxiety and smoking brings a perceived benefit of relaxation, (although as you will learn, this is caused by smoking).

You might have not only greater benefit but also a much better platform for success when you deal with the causes for your stress first. Otherwise, you can imagine, at the next serious incident when you stress or anxiety is kicking in you may just reach out for that smoke.

I work with your mind, not against it.

If willpower worked then you would not be reading this

Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking

 What if I smoke a lot?

I have worked with people who have smoked over 60 cigarettes a day for 30 years or longer and have stopped without any problem at all. In fact it is easier to work with committed smokers because they have an inherent commitment to doing things well!

When they smoke, they make a good job of it and when they stop, they stop cold and never go back to it.

 What about one-session miracles

I leave the miracles to someone else; however I help you access a part of you that can create amazing things and results.

The sessions are customized to suit each client, which is why I do not promise “a one session guarantee”. It is not possible to group every person who smokes into one simple category.

Corporate sessions are split into two phase; group process and individual sessions.

Stress is frequently a major “trigger” contributing to smoking; therefore I frequently suggest a session of stress management before we tackle the smoking program.

 What about Mind Control?

Interesting question. If you were in control of your own mind then why would you be seeking help?

I don’t control your mind and sometimes you will also feel out of control when you smoke or eat too much and that began long before you read this.

If you don’t control your mind then who does? Consider these reasons for smoking;

? Old beliefs of needing to conform,

? The need to be popular,

?The need to reject nagging spouses, friends and “do gooders” and irritating     “health nuts”, (like me!).

?Embedded messages from advertisers being paid billions to manipulate your behaviour.

?Old patterned behaviours that were reinforced years and even generations ago.

 Smoking is not your fault.

However if you learned to respond in one way, then you can learn a new way and NLP, focused mind power and hypnotherapy will assist you to do this in a relaxed and comfortable fashion.

I don’t control you mind but whenever you take up a suggestion from an advertiser then you have lost your free will to the corporate machine.

I help you take control back again

 Won’t I put on weight?

Research shows that the average ex smoker gains minimal weight when their poor dehydrated, smoked and burnt out bodies begin to rehydrate and recover. The average was 2kg.

Research also shows that when dieters were offered a pill that would help them lose 2 kgs, but would increase their chances of cancer and heart attacks, that the respondents replied, “No Way”.

There are cheaper and healthier ways of dieting. Smoking is a not an option for keeping your weight down!

Of course when people exchange one habit for another (such as eating) then they will gain weight. This program is about taking control, not losing control

During the sessions, we deal with your unique smoking pattern on the following levels:

Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking

Smoking, along with all addictive patterns exists on a number of different levels.

  • Mind Addiction i.e the belief that the person can’t cope without smoking and won’t enjoy anything again after they stop smoking. I focus on two areas of the mind, the “what” you focus on and the “how” you focus on it.
  • The Automatic Brain Addiction for repeated and comforting actions. Habit ie the reason the person lights up the moment they pour themselves a cup of coffee, or start to unwind after a hard day.  Habits are non goal orientated repetitive behaviours which can be changed with specialised techniques. The brain is built to create habits, you are hardwired for it, so dont be too hard on yourself.
  • The Body addiction to smoke.  This is minimal and  the fact that more than 90% of smokers stop “cold turkey” is evidence of this fact. In fact most people struggle to tell the difference between the “physical addiction” and just living  normally.

The course consist of 3 smoking cessation sessions, dealing with different topics and techniques. The three form the smoking package and cannot be separated, one supports the others. Stress management is also an important part of the process.

Research reveals that stress is the single biggest factor in forcing people back to old smoking habits.

Investment Rand Value.

Although many smoking programs charge you on estimate of the saving that you will make, (many R1000s in a just a few months) I charge for three simple sessions.

Each session last around 75 to 80 minutes.

Individuals : R1995 for the three smoking sessions.

Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking

Please note: You must book the three smoking sessions. I have split the smoking intervention over 3 sessions. I have little doubt that you will stop smoking or slow down after the first session, however in order to remain smoke free forever you must complete the course of 3 sessions.

If you are using any other form of support, then the process is quite complementary.

Please let me know if you’d like any additional information, before you book a session.

One Whole Breath is all that it takes to embrace your life and leave behind the smoking trap!

Chat soon

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