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Fat Loss Coaching and Weight Loss

Do you feel that your weight and emotions are on the proverbial yoyo string?

ID-10032481Use the WholeMind Accelerated Weight Loss system to “Change Your Mind and Change Your Body”.  Change the way you approach your fat loss goals and activities. Improve your relationship with food so that you don’t feel compulsions, regrets or mood swings anymore.

Do you feel like you are always on diet? Never finding the perfect fit of clothes? Everybody else losing weight but not you? You can change all of that now.

Get what you really want and want what you get.

CHANGE! We all think that we want change! So why is it so hard to change habits and behaviours? Sometimes starting a brand new system or diet seems to daunting

If it’s not the latest supplement that Angelie Jolie is on, then it’s the latest diet plan, eating ideas and even  gastric band operation or mind altering  fat burner pills.

You must be thinking to yourself “There has to be an easier way” and there is, but I have one question for you….

Who is driving the bus?

Who is in control of your mind?

Why You Are Not Achieving  the results you want?

More than 90% of people who think that they have  set goals never achieve them. Goals could be losing weight, making money, getting fitter or improving a relationship.

Welcome to the WholeMind Change Your Mind Change Your Body Transformation program

During my nearly 20 years in the body transformation industry we always used to refer to the 3 “M”s of weight loss.

  • Movement
  • Meals
  • Metabolism.

This is useful from a mechanical point of view. Unfortunately we operate from our minds first and then our bodies.

My program is based on what I call the 6 “M”s, which is the whole story to fat loss. When you apply these rules of the game then you will begin to achieve your goals easily and effortlessly.

  1. Mind Power and the way that you think about food and exercise. Everything begins with a thought and the mind. Understand how you mind can be your best friend or act like your worst enemy.
  2. Mood Management and Emotional Intelligence. Including how to manage your stress levels. Stress accounts for more failures in achieving goals than anything else. Research also shows that stress can influence the storage of fat especially around the belly.
  3. Motivation, how and why we do the things that we are already doing. Once you have an idea of how your mind works then you can begin to align your behaviours with your goals. Do you really know what you want? What is important to you? You need a reason to begin working at a project and you need an even better reason to carry on working at your project when you are tired, hurt, disillusioned, unhappy or just plain feeling down. Willpower is not and effective tool to achieve your goals.
  4. Meals. How you eat is far more important than what to Eat. This include the habits of naturally slim people. What is important is that most people who have lost weight and keep it off don’t radically restrict the food types that they eat. They restrict the quantities of the food. They eat the food that they love and learn to love the food that they eat.
  5. Movement and Exercise. You will learn how to feel good about exercise and How to use more calories that you take in. How to stay motivated when exercising, how to set up a home based exercise program.
  6. Maintain and habituate your new skills and apply them to create power throughout the rest of your life. Don’t stop here! Once you have learned these techniques you will be ready to apply your new skills in so many different ways. Develop

How does it work?

ID-100111011Over the session we will deal with many of the following

  • Thinking strategies of the people who drop the weight and keep it off
  • Create new, healthy and empowering fat loss habits that make your new lifestyle easy and effortless.
  • Effective goal setting and well formed outcomes for changing your body, burning fat and staying lean.
  • Stress management techniques
  • Cravings and craving busters
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Beliefs and values linked to eating, food and exercise.
  • Past traumas and decisions where needed
  • Internal conflict resolution.

Generally the sessions can be done in person, group training or over Skype.

There is a basic structure which match’s my “change management” philosophy. This is the golden thread that flows through everything that I teach.

6 Steps to Life Change

1: Take responsibility for where you are in life and discover what you really want

2: Deal with conflicting wants, goals and values.

3: Become motivated. Your current situation has to be so bad that you simply can’t tolerate it any more

4: Discover how to use your brain and you mind work together to create you limiting beliefs as well as your empowering beliefs.

5: Change the way that you look at your world , change your mind, change your results.

6: Maintain and habituate your changes.

What do I do now?

Do you feel that you could benefit by seeing more about what I can tell you? You could call me now on 071 863 7398, or email me immediately at to get more of a feel for how this program will help you.

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