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Hypnosis and NLP are Effective for Many Issues.

Hypnosis and NLP are Effective for Many Issues.


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Hypnosis, more correctly referred to as Self-Hypnosis, (for there is no other, Reverend!), has once again been highlighted for all the right reasons.

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All unconscious processes such as Self Hypnosis, Mindful Meditation and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) are already built into you just like language. This is good news because unlike a drug or a ten year stint in therapy, there are no side effects and you still have money for NLP workshops at the end of the month!

One day I was asked by a client if hypnosis should not be restricted to the medical profession; you know those people who are highly responsible, never make mistakes and have all of the time to deal with our issues.

It’s an intriguing and mildly familiar argument and certainly one worth considering if you are trying to increase taxes: If it works then it should be banned, restricted  or someone should be making lots of money out of it.

I didn’t reply to my clients concerns . I just stared at a spot on the ceiling. Eventually my client stared at the same spot on the ceiling. Things like that happen in my office. When we run out of conversation we tend to drift a bit.

After a minute or two of silence her breathing slowed down and I suggested that she may be having a similar experience to me. My experience was that I was noticing that the edges of that spot had become a bit blurred around the edges. In fact the longer I stated the more my awareness seemed to drift, gently around the room, all the time with my eyes firmly stuck on that spot. I was drifting.

Self Hypnosis
Self Hypnosis

My awareness had expanded to include some of the things I had not been aware of when I first looked at that spot…

This is the beginning of a meditation called “Hakalau” or Peripheral Vision (or the Miles Meditation). I like the last name but it does come a few thousand years after it was first developed and practiced.

There are no injections, no drugs, no mind control or loss of consciousness. Just a lovely connection with a part of you that is often neglected; the Self.

Hypnosis and self hypnosis are God Given gifts for us to enjoy. We have a right to relaxation. We have a right to disengage from the bizarre confusion of “everyday thingsness” which offers little peace and even less explanation.

We should give our bodies the chance to deal with the “issue” using some long forgotten but no less inbred natural ability. Just like our tears might have antibiotics or a wound knows how to heal all on its own, then at some level we may just have answers to our problems inside our heads. Surely we know more about ourselves than everyone else?

The study of hypnosis and NLP, is all about understanding how you already work. It’s a users Manuel to the brain. You have brain! and I bet you know very little about how to make it work.

I Can Stop Not Smoking!

Smoking Cessation
Stop Smoking Hypnosis

When a smoker comes to me and says;

“I can’t stop smoking” (I can do the process of not stopping), “but I really want to stop”. Please don’t hypnotize me though, because I like to be in control.

I wonder if he can hear the irony in that statement. I certainly can!

You may want to know more about Self Hypnosis or Harnessing the Power of Your own Unconscious Mind and if you did then you may want to call to find out about  my next workshop in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town or Johannesburg.

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