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Coaching and Hypnotherapy in Port Elizabeth

NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy in Port Elizabeth

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Phobias, Fears and Anxiety
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Self Hypnosis and NLP
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Coaching with the Art and Science of NLP

and Hypnotherapy
Available in Port Elizabeth


Miles Harrop (CHT)

Performance Coaching – NLP Coaching

NLP and Hypnosis Training and Workshops
Stress Management – Stop Smoking – Hypnotic Weight Loss
Call 071 863 7398

Why you will benefit from using self hypnosis and NLP Coaching in Port Elizabeth

You have already made many significant changes in your life. Some of these things may have seemed impossible at the time but I know that you managed it. I know that because you are currently in front of a pc screen, perhaps at home, perhaps at work or even in a coffee shop.

You are reading words that at one stage in your life just looked like squiggles on a blackboard

And as you are reading this you are looking for something better than what you have right now and that means that you have already made the decision to change something else. You just need to find out how.

Milton Erickson once described his patients as being people who had “fallen out of rapport with their unconscious minds”. Perhaps you feel that something could come together or your orchestra could be tuned up a bit? You know when all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fit perfectly together, and they can.

That could have happened for many reasons and the question that is Most important is not why it happened, but rather how we can get you back on track to do, be and have exactly what you want as soon as possible.

Many of the stuff that is happening in our lives is a result of our beliefs and faulty understanding of the world. “Rules” that we may have created in our very formative years that have just stayed with us.

Think about the beautiful model who looks in the mirror and sees fat or says that “I am not good enough”.

What about the wealthy businessman who constantly feels depressed and anxious about losing his wealth?

When I decided to set some serious goals I was asked this question

If I absolutely believed that I was capable of anything then what would I attempt to do?

And so if you are looking at changing some aspect of your life and want to hear more about what I do before you allow yourself to feel better about making the call right now; I might ask you how changing just your beliefs about you capabilities may make a difference?


  • Get back in shape, (losing fat and enjoying a healthy lifestyle).One day fat loss workshops and one on one fat Loss coaching available.
  •  Stop smoking, (for good) One day workshops and one on one stop smoking coaching available
  •  Learn Self Hypnosis and apply the skills to effect change in many areas of your life
  •  Learn the elements of NLP for business to improve your delivery of presentations and communicate the way you clients wants to be communicated with.
  • Deal with stress and stressful situation in a far more resourceful way using elements of self hypnosis, time line therapy, perceptual positions and many more cutting edge NLP techniques.
  • Increase confidence and self esteem.
  • Overcome Fears and Phobias,
  • Public Speaking
  • Improve work performance including sales, management and creative based jobs.
  • Anxieties
  • Nail biting
  • Stress management
  • Pain management

And much more, (see for a full list of topics)

What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation that we all enter at least twice a day when we sleep. Our attention tends be focused on one idea and we are more open to changing our thoughts feelings or behaviors by being able to process previously unseen possibilities, (suggestions)

What is “NLP”?  NLP or neuro-linguistic programming is the study of how people influence others and themselves to use thinking  strategies, verbal and non verbal language to change old habits or programs.

Just imagine how much power you will have over your own behaviour and life by combining these two immensely powerful technologies…

Do you feel that you need to hear more about what I can show you?

  • Log onto and go to the bookings link to get more information
  • Send me an email on
  • Call me on 071 863 7398

Consultation Rooms:  12 3rd avenue Walmer.

About Miles Harrop:

Miles Harrop
Miles Harrop

Certified Hypnotherapist registered with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association as well as the SA Institute of Hypnotism.

Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming .

Business Management.

Personal training.

(Hypnotherapy and coaching is not an alternative treatment but is complementary to traditional medical care. Please discuss options with your medical professional if you are already being treated for any condition.) 
Call 071 863 7398

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