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Port Elizabeth Hypnotherapy Rates

Lifeshifts NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy rates

Port Elizabeth Hypnotherapy
Port Elizabeth Hypnotherapy Call 0071 863 7398

Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching rates 

Appointments between 9 and 17:00

  • Please contact me for a quote and estimate
  • Please ask for an estimate of the number of sessions.

After hours appointments are any sessions which are booked to begin on or after 4:30

I will always make a plan for my clients even if that means working into hours that I would normally spend with my family. In order to keep my family motivated about this I ask that  you happily pay the slightly higher amount for these appointments which go towards suppers, chocolates, flowers and other bribes which help keep my marriage intact on  late evenings. Evening appointments are therefore more expensive.

Thank you for your interest in making a booking with me and taking your mind and thought processes to a new level!

In order for me to maximise our time together and maximise the effect of your investment in this process, there are some guidelines set out below that will help both of us.

My therapy and coaching techniques use cutting edge unconscious processes which are extremely effective and powerful. I don’t, however, take control of your mind; that is  your responsibility. Change will always remain your choice and you can always keep the change.

Think of Hypnotherapy as being Physiotherapy for the mind.

  • When you see a physiotherapist and they tell you to do a certain exercise then you could resist and refuse but why would you? They don’t take control of you, but they tell you what to do.
  • If you follow their instructions then you will experience relief and healing. The same goes for hypnotherapy. I may ask you to imagine something or to breath in a certain way. The power and responsibility ultimately remain yours.
  • The results also remain yours, forever.

One Session Miracles

  • Hypnotherapy works just like any type of counselling or psychotherapy. A relationship of trust needs to be developed between both parties. This rarely develops in one single session.
  • I do not promise “one-session” miracles. The average number of sessions is between 4 to 6.

The First Visit

  • The first visit is called an intake session. This is where I gather as much information about your situation as possible. I follow a “systems” and “contextual” approach and I may well ask about your influence and position in various systems of your life.
  • The Intake session last around 75 minutes and is paid for in advance via bank transfer or cash paid at the practice at least 48 hours before the session.
  • Thereafter we book follow up sessions which last around 60 minutes per session. These can be paid for in advance via EFT or cash at the previous session.

Payments and Bookings

  • Unfortunately, because of the exceptionally busy nature of the practice, I cannot accept cash on the day for an appointment. Repeat appointments are only confirmed once payment has been received at least 24 hours prior to the appointment.
  • I take your welfare and mental fitness very seriously and in order to be able to help you I frequently prepare sessions especially for you, in a customized format at least 24 hours in advance. Because of this I request at least a full working days notice if you need to reschedule. Last minute cancellations are not only disruptive for me , but you will be losing out on the immense power of continuity.
  • Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are charged for in full. I understand that emergencies occur, and I know that you will understand the immense amount of preparation that goes into preparing for you and your sessions. I can only remain at this level of competency when clients pay for my services. This is my business. If you need to cancel in under 24 hours it is simply not possible for me to fill the slot, please pay for the consultation with a smile.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss this further. I look forward to meeting you.

Please ask me for an estimate of your number of sessions and I will create a package to suit you.

In closing; it will be my honour and privilege to help you heal through meeting you and all of the aspects of the miraculous creation that you are in this universe of infinite possibilities.



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