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Port Elizabeth Hypnotherapist

Port Elizabeth Hypnotherapist

Do you feel that you need to hear more about hypnotherapy in Port Elizabeth?

You could call now on 071 863 7398 or email me at . For more information visit my website at

Hypnotherapist Port Elizabeth
Hypnotherapy Port Elizabeth Call 071 863 7398

My hypnotherapy practice is based in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. I see clients from all of the surrounding areas such as East London, Cradock, Graaf Reniet, Port Alfred and the Garden Route.

Why would you benefit from hypnotherapy?

Modern Hypnotherapy is a client centered approach to helping you resolve certain issues and problems. This modality of treatment has assisted thousands if not millions of people around the world to overcome issues, and create more choice and freedom in their lives.

Typical applications would be:

Weight Loss Hypnosis: I run group weight loss training as well as individual sessions.

Stop smoking hypnosis: Smoking Cessation is also run in a group setting .

Stress management hypnotherapy: The use of self hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, (NLP) in both corporate training as well as individual sessions.

Emotional Issues and past traumas: NLP and hypnosis offer some effective ways to overcome events in the past that may be affecting how you are living now.

Phobias and anxieties.

Habit control: Have you ever tried to really really try and stop doing something? Not easy is it? Willpower and self control are very over rated. Teach your unconscious mind what you want and listen to the feedback you get.

Pain Management hypnosis: Pain is largely a subjective experience and emotional feelings play a large role.

Performance Coaching with NLP and Self Hypnosis ensures that you create the right habits and motivations at the unconscious level. All learning and motivation is felt at an emotional and unconscious level.

Knowledge is simply not enough.

Port Elizabeth Hypnotherapist

I always refer my clients to the fact that knowing we should not be doing something is simply not enough to create the drive to stop doing it. In fact when we are talking about unconscious process, then just the concept of “trying to stop doing something” becomes somewhat of a slippery topic!

It is far better to replace that old habit of eating too much at one sitting, with something more congruent with your real desires and goals.

So, Are your actions in alignment with your values and goals?

Probably not, especially if you are reading this.

Well don’t worry!  That happens to most of us most of the time.

A passenger jet stays off course for most of its trip. The captain makes adjustments to the plan’s trajectory on a continual basis. You just need to learn the techniques for getting yourself back on track on a regular basis.

Regression Hypnosis and Analytical Hypnotherapy.

Sometimes things happen in our lives, and depending on the resources available to you at the time, you may have different ways of dealing with those events.

Parts Therapy

You know that you want one thing but another part of you forces your hand to move in another direction.
One of the modalities that I offer is called Parts Therapy. It’s a great intervention when you are experiencing an internal conflict such as:

  • I feel that I want to do one thing, but I know that I should not.
  • I want to stop smoking but something just keeps me reaching for those smokes.
  • I wish I could stop eating so much.

We all have various ego states which we access on a daily basis. By communicating, coordinating and negotiating with these parts and recognising their daily contribution to your welfare, you can get all of your butterflies flying in formation once again

Timeline Therapy®

Time Line Therapy® was developed by Tad James.

It has been said that Time is an illusion, (lunchtime doubly so!). We all know that we have a tendency to base our future expectations on what has happened to us in the past, right? Well what would happen if you could go back along your Timeline to the past and reinterpret what had happened. This is the basis of Timeline Therapy.

How do you Eat an Elephant….?

My father asked me that question  when I was 6,( just before he taught me about thermodynamics and the placebo affect). I have forgotten all of the quantum physics but I did remember that point.

The answer is one step at a time. Overwhelm is one of the most common feelings we all experience when navigating difficult times.

As a coach and a guide, it is my job to find that next small step; and the next small step that you need to take right now is to make contact with me to find out how easily you fall in love with the benefits of a life that may have evaded you until now.

If you feel that you need to hear more about what I can show you, then call me now on 071 863 7398 or email me immediately at For more information go to the home page

About Miles Harrop.

Miles Harrop
Miles Harrop CHt.

Miles Harrop has been coaching and training people for more than 25 years. Originally qualifying as  a personal trainer and then in Business Management; Miles has trained and developed many sales people and motivated scores of gym members to achieve outstanding results.

As a therapist, Miles focuses his analytical approach on identifying goods reasons to change and resolving past conflicts and issues which may be acting as roadblocks to success.

Miles now practices as a full time hypnotherapist and NLP Coach from Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.

His certifications include:

Miles utilises a heady mix of Hypnosis, NLP, business coaching and motivation techniques to achieve outstanding breakthroughs with his clients. Techniques have been adapted from many role models and trainers including Claudia Klein, Steven R Covey, Edward de Bono, Anthony Robins and Roy Hunter.

Call him on 071 8863 7398 or email him on

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Port Elizabeth based Hypnotherapist Life and NLP Coach Miles Harrop.…Port Elizabeth Hypnotherapist Certified by World Renowned Pain

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