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Pain Management Hypnosis in Port Elizabeth and Cape Town

Pain Management Hypnosis

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Miles Harrop is a local Hypnotherapist and NLP Life Coach who specialises in fat loss, motivational coaching and stress management therapy.

Miles has recently returned from Cape Town with an advanced certification in Hypnotic Pain management.

“Pain management is close to my heart as I have suffered from back problems over the years.”

Pain is very subjective and can be emotionally charged. Techniques such as relaxation, distraction, reinterpretation and redefining can all be highly be effective.

Pain management by hypnosis involves no medicines, no withdrawal affects, no “tolerance”, and actually becomes more effective with increased practise

The latest pain course was presented by internationally acclaimed therapist and author Roy Hunter. Roy worked for a hospice for about seven years teaching creative pain management techniques.

A little about Miles Harrop:

Miles is a certified Hypnotherapist;  registered with both the South African Institute of Hypnotism and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.

He is also a Master Practitioner of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, a certified Parts Therapy Facilitator and Time Line Therapist

Originally schooled in business science and personal training; Miles spent more than 25 years in the health and wellness industry teaching, training and motivating staff and gym members around South Africa.

Miles explain; ” My passion has always been in motivating and helping people  grow. I was fascinated by the fact that so many people knew what to do, but just couldn’t get the motivation to do it. Over the years I have learned that Knowledge on its own is simply not enough;  you have to have a really strong emotional ‘hot’ button that drives you in a certain direction…and that’s what I give my clients”.

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