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Using Active Imagination and Visualization can help with resentment

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One of the many emotional struggles that confront us is resolving resentment and its close relative – bitterness.

We all get hurt in life, it’s part of the process. Sometimes emotions which should subside on their own become part of who we are.

We become hurt and bitter people. Sometimes we just can’t move on…

The unfortunate thing is that the monsters in our mind live a lot longer than the real monsters in the real world. Our perceptions, expectations and memories often make things a lot worse than they are

Transformational visualization, Timeline Therapy and hypnotherapy are methods available here in Port Elizabeth that you can use to move along and leave the past exactly where it should be .

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Try this as an example:

1.Visualize the resentment as a grainy ball of dark grit embedded in the centre of wherever you feel it (chest, stomach, heart etc)

2. Take several deep breaths, inhale air filled with a glowing, healing energy, which then circulate and whirl around the unpleasant globe of resentment inside you.

3. Visualize, imagine or picture this cleansing whirlwind peeling off small pieces from the ball of toxic emotions, and then exhale and imagine these pieces of resentment being expelled from you.

Simple, powerful and very effective. Now experience that under the pleasant feelings of a well orchestrated hypnotic induction and you will be well on your way to moving past that old roadblock

Do you feel that you need to see more about what I can tell you? You can call now on 071 863 7398 or email me immediately on

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