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Hypnosis and Weight Loss

Fat Loss Coaching in Port Elizabeth

Why don’t diets work?

Lose Fat
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I Hate Diets… and I hate the thought of starving myself by eating some emaciated food substitute like rabbit food, bird seed and the industry favorite, the baby Food Yuk Shake!

Results from my programs will vary from person to person. See here for the official disclaimer. 

starving myself by eating some emaciated food substitute like rabbit food, bird seed and the industry favorite, the baby Food Yuk Shake!

Wouldn’t it be great of there really was a way we could enjoy our food and eat as much as we wanted to without resorting to some experimental and heart damaging “Fat Burner”, (I mean just listen to the description.. you want to put that in your body?).

Perhaps you have a lot of weight to lose or perhaps you just want to trim up and lose some fat or perhaps you are somewhere in between. This program is so well researched and so simple in its delivery that you cant help but experience it in just the perfect way for you!*

In fact starting this program would be as effortless as making a call to 071 863 7398 or email me on

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Losing Weight  Starts with the Mind

Change Your Mind Change Your Body

Fat Loss
Fat Loss

Fat loss and weight loss for most people is a remarkably simple process but can become very challenging. Your unconscious attitudes beliefs, thinking and habits won’t be changed by just receiving  dietary advice. You have to change your thinking in order to set up the lifestyle habits and choices that will get you thin and keep you thin.

Why lose weight and fat?

Losing weight and fat not only changes your appearance but also improves your health.

Most people want to lose fat to change their appearance. Your appearance can be changed through losing fat and gaining muscle. Some people choose a third method and that is different clothing!

Mindfulness, NLP and Weight Loss

There are only four things that influence your weight gain and fat loss. Focussed Mind Power, Mindfulness and NLP techniques can influence all four

  1. Calories in. Your food intake amount and quality of your food
  2. Energy expenditure. Your movement and exercise
  3. Metabolism, (influenced by Eating the right foods and exercising in the right way)
  4. Stress and Mood Management
Why Cant We Make the Right Choice? Call 071 863 7398

The thing that surprises me is that nearly everybody can tell me what they are doing wrong in terms of their weight loss plans. BUT they seem powerless to do anything about it!

The reason why diets don’t work, and they really don’t work most of the time, is that you are not dealing with the root cause.

The same applies to smoking and other habits.


How does unconscious process, mindfulness and NLP work with fat loss?

There are six secrets to effective fat loss, weight loss and body transformation.

Change Your Mind Change Your Body* means a balanced approach to life, a Holistic Integration of what is important.

Body transformation follows changes in behaviour; changes in behaviour follow changes in attitude and thinking. How can you change your world and your behaviour of you don’t change your thinking first?

Like everything in life, (such as putting shoes on before you put socks on), if you don’t follow the right sequence then it gets messy.

What are the vital six elements to permanent fat loss and a body transformation?

1: Fat Loss and Weight Loss Using The Mind.

Fat Loss Mind Power
Fat Loss Mind Power

Everything begins in the mind. By understanding the basics of NLP, Focused Mind Power and how you are reacting unconsciously to your world, then you will be already be halfway to achieving your transformation and weight loss goals. If you are not in control of your mind then someone else will be more than happy to take that responsibility away from you. This course empowers you to take control of your own mind and behaviour once again.

Your thinking creates your behaviour. Thoughts become things and actions.

If you don’t control you thinking then someone else will.

2: Taking Charge of Your Emotions to Lose Weight and Fat

Stress Management
Stress Management

The way you handle stress is the next most important factor when it comes to losing fat. Not only does stress cause you to hold more belly fat, stress makes you think differently. When we are stressed and in a perpetual state of flight and fight then the chances are that our behaviors and stress habits are not in alignment with our goals.

Can you remember a time when you made a bad decision when you were stressed?

If you don’t feel emotionally connected to the benefits of your desired change, then you simply wont feel like doing the right things.

3: Motivation Mind Power to Help You Lose Weight and Lose Fat

Motivation Mind Power
Motivation Mind Power

Some people say that they don’t feel motivated, that’s simply not right. You are motivated all the time; It’s what you are motivated to do that is important. If you don’t want to get out of bed then that means you are motivated to stay in bed! Can you think of things that you are motivated to do that are not helping you with your fat loss goals?

Learn cutting edge motivation mind power techniques which will power you to stay focused and achieve your real goals.

When you complete this course you will be naturally motivated to do the things that are going to take you towards your goals. Emotional motivation is the only way to stay on track. When willpower and logic compete for your attention then logic will lose every time!


4: Exercise for Fat Loss and Weight Loss

Exercise for Weight Loss
Exercise for Weight Loss

The way you move your body and exercise during the day has a massive impact on how your burn or store fat.

It is natural to move and if you are like most of the overweight South African consumers you will find that you think that you don’t have time to exercise. Of course you don’t because most people are spending so much time moving away from their goals that they there is so little time left for achieving their goals.

What are you doing that is moving you towards your goals? Now create a list of what you do that is taking you away from your goals. Which list is longer?

Discover quick workouts to drop fat fast and more importantly get back in touch with your body. It’s the only body that you have and when you run this body into the ground then you won’t be able to enjoy all of that money that you have been working so hard to earn and save. Working overtime every day is never worth it of you can’t enjoy the benefits of your life on earth.

I will help you design a home gym and supply gym equipment to meet your needs and budget. I have even supplied home gym set ups for as little as R3000. We even offer body weight exercises and programs if you don’t want to invest in fitness equipment.

Look through the website and discover how affordable Holistic Gym Equipment can be. Free advice on your gym equipment needs is a phone call away.

5: Fat Loss Meals and Eating for Weight Loss

Fat Loss Hypnosis
Weight Loss Hypnosis

It is more about HOW you eat rather than WHAT you eat. Diet is just “Die” with a smidge of T to make it sound better.

I hate “Die Ts” and so should you! “Die Ts” are all about giving stuff up and not having fun. Life is too short.

This is where most people start when they contact me and say, “Can you give me a diet”. Yes, punch in “diet” on Google and see what happens. 290 million results when I typed it in. You are spoiled for choice, take your pick. If they involve restricting food in some way then you will lose some weight, for a short while.

In fact type in “Fat Loss Diet”, that’s only 90 million returns, that should make it easier.

Any diet that involves restricting your calories will cause you to burn stored fat and in most cases some of your muscle. All diets succeed with some people some of the time for a short period of time. The issue is whether it will be permanent. if you have not changed you thinking, your emotional responses and your motivation then unfortunately you will end up not maintaining your results.

The issue is not how much you can lose in some exaggerated and agonizing forced starvation, but rather what you can do to make your life better and more enjoyable.

Research shows that people who lose weight end up finding the weight again plus more within two years unless they change their attitudes and thinking. Willpower never works for long. The more drastic the weight loss that faster the body just balances itself when the willpower well has run dry.

You don’t need a diet, you just need to learn HOW to eat correctly.

A diet is for a few weeks or months; healthy eating habits are for life. If I believe that you are in such trouble that you need a dietitian then I shall refer you to one. Most diets fail because of inadequate mental preparation nor because of inadequate research.

6: Modifying and Merging your new Fat Loss skills.

Modify Your Weight Loss Skills
Modify Your Weight Loss Skills

Are we having FUN yet? If not then don’t be surprised when your unconscious mind kicks against your new “self discipline and self control”. (there is no such thing as “self discipline and self control” by the way. More of which is discussed in the course).

By taking your new skills and results and enjoying your life immediately you will maintain the motivation needed to carry on with your new lifestyle forever.*

We don’t lose weight for the sake of losing weight. We lose weight for all of the wonderful benefits that it will give us over the years. And for all of the additional years it will give us in life.

Why are you thinking of transforming your life? What will you be doing with your new body when you have achieved total Life Shift and Mind Body transformation?

You could already be transforming your thinking and if you allow that to happen then your body will just follow easily and effortlessly.*

In fact starting this program would be as effortless as making a call to 071 863 7398 or email me on

We will deal with many of the following

  • Elliminate Eating triggers and change eating habits
  • Motivation mind power and developing emotional motivation
  • How to use your mind and brain more effectively.
  • Effective goal setting and well formed outcomes. Setting goals like the top 10% of achievers do.
  • Stress relief and relaxing the “monkey chatter” in your head.
  • Eliminating bad habits and creating new, good habits
  • Elliminate food craving and take back control
  • Increase energy levels and feel great once again
  • Beliefs, attitudes and values are linked to eating and exercise. Discover yours.
  • Past traumas (if necessary are dealt with during one on one sessions)
  • Much much more…
  • Results from my programs will vary from person to person. See here for the official disclaimer.
Miles Harrop
Miles Harrop

Hypnosis or “Focused mind Power” sessions are encouraged, however hypnosis is not a prerequisite for this program to work.

I have personally used every technique to permanently lose more than 30kgs over the last 4 years. That’s me at 72kg. When I arrived in Port Elizabeth a few years ago I weighed over 100kg and I loved my food!

You are a result of every good and bad thing that has happened to you in your life. Your eating habits, exercise habits and thought patterns are a result of many years of programming. Bearing this in mind, be easy on yourself and let change come gently.

My individual sessions are uniquely tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.


The Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

Do you feel that you need to see more information on weight loss and hear how we can help you? You can call me now on 071 863 7398 or mail me immediately at

* Results vary from person to person.

We don’t guarantee results.

Weight Loss is a result of following a kilojoule or calories restricted diet and making a number of lifestyle changes.

 For the full weight loss disclaimer please click here

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