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Stress Management Hypnosis Port Elizabeth

Self Hypnosis and NLP for Effective Stress Management

Deal with stress from the source: Your Thinking. I can help you do that in a few hours!

Stress Management Courses and Coaching Call 071 863 7398

Do you feel that you need to hear more on what I can show you in terms of Stress Management with Hypnotherapy and unconscious process? you can call me now on 071 863 7398 or email me on More information on my courses and programs is available on

What is Stress?

The most popular definition comes from Dr. Hans Selye of the International Institute of Stress at the University of Montreal, who is considered the “Father of Stress Research.” Through his research, Selve developed a definition that helps us understand stress and therefore, how to manage it:

“Stress is the body’s non-specific response to any demand placed on it whether that demand is pleasant or not.”

This definition means that the body will react to stress in the same way regardless of the source. The point is, stress is an unavoidable consequence of living: you can’t avoid it. And even though most of us associate the word “stress” with negative things, there is actually a  good kind of stress. There are even words to distinguish the two.

Good Stress vs. Bad Stress


Stress becomes negative when you stay “geared up” as you meet life’s changes and challenges and don’t – or can’t – relax. Unfortunately, when distress becomes a constant, ongoing cycle, your energy is depleted and your health can suffer. The good news is; distress doesn’t have to be hazardous to your health. You can learn to manage the stress in your life.


(EU is Greek for life giving.) Stress can be positive, depending on your perspective. It can energize you, help you concentrate, focus and perform. Positive stress can also be a “turn-on,” giving you energy and supply your zest for living. Who would want to miss out on that?

Eustress can also exhaust you. Situations such as marriage and moving house can count as positive, but they can also be immensely stressful and reduce your overall resilience to negatively stressful situations.

The Body affects the Mind

Eventually our bodies pay the price with sensations such as

  • increased heart rate,
  • breathing problems,
  • cold sweats, tingling,
  • muscle tension,
  • exaggerated startle, (Hyper vigilance),
  • chronic pain,
  • Chronic health problems
  • Psychosomatic disorders
  • inability to relax,
  • sleeping problems,
Signs of Stress
Behaviour Emotion Physical
Overeating Anxiety Headaches
Smoking Depression Tense muscles
Interpersonal conflicts Fear Sore neck, shoulder or back
Procrastination Loneliness Listlessness
Complaining Impatience Fatigue
Loss of appetite Nervousness Grinding teeth
Drinking Twitch/tic Stomach pain
Withdrawing Keyed up Heartburn
Worrying Shortness of breath
Irritable Hypertension
Angry Outbursts Dry mouth
Low energy
Stress Management Courses and Coaching Call 071 863 7398

Unconscious processes such as NLP and Hypnotherapy can assist you by:

  • Learn relaxation therapy and anchor those feelings of relaxation at any time of the day.
  • Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system instead of the excitatory sympathetic nervous system. This leads to feelings relaxation and calm.
  • Create a relaxing and safe space to examine the cause of your stress and deal with issues in a resourceful and meaningful way.
  • Release negative emotions and limiting beliefs which are inconsistent with your desired reality.
  • Accessing the unconscious mind and allowing the conscious mind to take a back seat together with its anxieties, worries, fears and criticism.
  • Look at stressful situations with a new and creative perspective.

My Stress management courses are presented in Port Elizabeth in both corporate training formats as well as individual stress management coaching at my offices in Walmer.

My other specialty NLP and Hypnosis programs include:

  • Hypnotherapy for emotional and psychosomatic issues
  • Weight Loss and Fat Loss Coaching
  • Sales Training and Management Training.
  • Smoking Cessation Courses.
  • Life Coaching.
  • Performance Coaching.

In a study involving over 110 patients who suffered from stress conditions it was found that 3/4 claimed their symptoms were improving after 12 weeks of self-hypnosis practice, within one year 72% of the group reported complete reversal of their initial symptoms as a result of the self-hypnosis. (Maher-Loughnan, G.P. 1980, “Hypnosis: Clinical application of hypnosis in medicine’,British Journal of Hospital Medicine, 23: 447-55)

Do you feel that you need to hear more on what I can show you in terms of Stress Management with Hypnotherapy and unconscious process? you can call me now on 071 863 7398 or email me on More information on my courses and programs is available on

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