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Transactional Analysis and Hypnotherapy Part 1

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This is Part 1 in a 3 part series

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One of the more advanced techniques in hypnotherapy is called Analytical hypnotherapy. This is one of the Root Cause Therapy techniques. (As opposed to symptomatic or suggestion therapy)

So what is Transactional Analysis (TA)  and how does it relate to hypnotherapy?

Transactional Analysis has been described as an integrative approach to the  of psychology, various therapies, human resources and behavioural studies

It is referred to as integrative because it has components and parts of psychoanalytichumanist and cognitive psychological studies.

TA was first developed by psychiatristEric Berne in the late 1950s.

There are three major components of the transactional analysis model that are most relevant to hypnotherapy.

These are;

  • the principle of  I’m OK, You’re OK,
  • the fundamental currency of transactions, and
  • the Interaction and development of ego states.
Analysis and Hypnotherapy Call 071 863 7398

The theory of transactional analysis was developed by Eric Berne in the 1950’s. It was intended to be an accessible and easily understood theory of human interaction.

Spitz (psychoanalytic study of the child. 1: 53 – 74, 1945) published work recognising that that babies ‘starved of handling’ over extensive episode will succumb to illhealth.

Eric states in his bestselling book, “The Games People Play”, that if “the brain stem is not sufficiently stimulated, then degeneration will occur”.

Alternatively “if you are not stroked, your spinal cord will shrivel up.”

This led to the use of the definition of the currency of transactional analysis which is the “stroke” and later on the saying of, “stroking his ego”. The ‘stroke’ can be a physical stroke, however, it is used in a broader sense as a “unit of social intercourse”.

When therapists and especially hypnotherapists are dealing with clients their intervention and  contact with a client or patient may symbolize the first time that my clients receives positive handling.

Primarily hypnotherapy looks to aid the client to “reframe” and re interpret previous stroking deprivation, abuse, neglect and other perceived hardships of the past.

The underlying philosophy carried forward can be summarised in the saying:

“I am OK, you are OK” or the philosophy of “OKness”.

This saying “establishes and reinforces the position that recognizes the value and worth of every person”. Transactional analysts regard people as basically “OK” and thus capable of change, growth, and healthy interactions”

Anyone having studied the basics of NLP will recognises this type of thinking as being represented in the basic presuppositions, such as People are doing the best they can with their resources,  all people work perfectly, and all behaviour seeks a positive intention.

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Do you feel that you need to see more information to hear how we can help you with hypnotherapy in Port Elizabeth? You can call me now on 071 863 7398 or mail me immediately at Or look at more options at

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