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New Stop Smoking Course in Port Elizabeth

Stop Smoking Program in Port Elizabeth

stop smoking
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When you look back at the day when you decided to stop smoking forever what would you want to say to yourself?

Would you thank yourself for the additional money that you have saved?

What would you have done with that additional R6 000 to R15 000 per year?

If you are reading this then you have taken the first step towards becoming a free person once again. Soon your last smoke will be a distant memory and you will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

And it’s now too late to turn back isn’t it? I mean as you think about it now that next smoke wont taste quite as good. You can stop right now.

I offer private stop smoking sessions Port Elizabeth at the Lifeshifts NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy Practice.

The sessions are designed to enable you to become a free, natural non-smoker after a single session (if you choose to complete the program in one three hour session)

Individual Sessions

Individuals are catered for on a one to one basis. It is quite possible to break the smoking habit permanently within a single session, however lasting success requires attention to stress management and the learning of state management.

The first 90 minute intake session covers:

  • Elements of self hypnosis or focused mind power and NLP
  • Motivation Mind Power for acheiving any goal
  • Stress management
  • Identification of any issues that may trigger off smoking or stress responses

If you have experienced failed attempts in the past then I might suggest that deal with some issues such a negative emotions and limiting beliefs before tackling the smoking session.

The stop smoking session can be completed in one session or split over 2.

Either way by the end, you will be free of smoking, without feeling that you have given anything up, and very important: In addition you have the tools to remain free forever. I have worked with people who smoked over 60 cigarettes a day for 30 years or more, and they have stopped without any problem at all.

During the session, we tackle your unique smoking pattern on the following levels:

  1. Psychological dependence, i.e. the belief that you can’t cope without smoking and won’t enjoy anything again after you stop smoking
  2. The habit, i.e. the reason you light up the moment you pour yourself a cup of coffee, or start to unwind after a hard day.
  3. The physical desire to smoke.

Our approach is 100% natural, so there are no drugs involved, and the techniques we use also mean there is no need for you to experience any withdrawal symptoms.

Group Session coaching model

The session lasts approximately 3 hours for two participants, (add 30 minutes for each additional participant). This is ideal for someone who is at cause for their habit and has no underlying emotional issues.

Coaching includes any support you may require during the first month, to ensure that the new patterns become a way of life. Also, you may want some medical advice, i.e. because your sleep patterns change, or you feel a bit strange having so much energy. Most of our clients find it a fun and easy process.

Ideally this session is conducted with a small group of two to 10 participants.

If you have a deep unconscious fear of letting go of smoking because you feel that it is helping you through a depression or difficult patch in your life then I may suggest that you do some emotional clearing work.

Clearing emotional blocks is performed in a separate session using techniques such as Parts Therapy, Analytical Hypnotherapy, Authentic Self Empowerment and Timeline Therapy.

My experience is that when clients decide to stop smoking, they also attempt many other life changes at the same time.

This is a very small investment when you take into account the savings you will make immediately in terms of cigarettes and lighters, (normally over R1000 per month)

The cost savings in regards to your health cannot be calculated and they are significant. So the average smoker out there will be paying less than 2 months of your smoking habit.

At the end of the following three years you could have invested over R30 000.

What would you do with and additional R30 000 right now?

I always ask that of the very few clients who claim that they can’t afford the initial cost of the course, how can you afford not to do it right now?

Please let me know if you’d like any additional information before you book a session to quite your habit forever.

Normal session price is R540 per session. If you would like to book for all three 90 minute sessions and pay upfront then you only pay R1450

Take care in the meantime.

Miles Harrop (CHt)
071 863 7398

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