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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety attacks and Panic Attacks in Port Elizabeth

Hypnotherapy and NLP for Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Anxiety is defined in the text as a “powerful fear imprisoning the mind”, There are no specific circumstances, just a feeling of being apprehensive or frightened.

There is a constant nervous tension and a feeling of impending doom. The sufferer will also be in a state of hyper-vigilance; noticing everything in the environment which could be perceived as a threat. Barnett further states that anxiety is present regardless of external circumstances. This is in contrast with a phobia which would have a trigger or associated anchor which the sufferer would claim is the “cause of my phobia”. Frequently the trigger is innocuous and is not the true cause of the phobic response.

According to Coleman, Butcher and Carson (Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life, 2000)  Anxiety disorders are split into three broad categories:

  • General Anxiety disorders, Sometimes referred to as panic disorders
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
  • Phobic Disorders

A number of websites and books have created further categories and divisions.

Anxiety attacks are periods whereby the sufferer experiences a heightened feeling of anxiety, the resulting “attack” is generally more intense than the general feeling of anxiety that is often ever present. These attacks, sometimes referred to as Panic attacks normally last for around 10 minutes.

Anxiety therefore is a biological response to a threat where there is no threat present. In fact, on a conscious level there is not even a perceived threat. The body remains in a constant preparedness for flight and may exhibit signs of freezing. This fear may well develop into anger.

The freezing process also means that the body is in a hyper vigilant state. Consequently the sufferer will look for more things to worry about, (looking out for danger) and will normally find them. This cycle of anxiety assisting the sufferer to find more things to be anxious about, explains why the anxiety is often so persistent and ever present.

Anxiety is a type of fear and can be helped with Hypnotherapy and NLP

Fear is a natural human emotion which serves us well. Without the sensation of fear we would not be able to respond to threats and ensure our survival. Fear assists us in avoiding hurt, harm and injurious agents by preparing the body to flee, (the “flight response”) or the defend against an attacker, (the “fight response”).

The common reference to the fear response is to break it down into the fight or flight response. Barnett discusses how all life is responsive to “injurious agents”. This is vital for the continuity of our existence. If we are not aware of something that is damaging us, then we will allow the damage to continue.

The original description of fight or flight (Walter Cannon: 1929) has been updated by a number of researchers (Bracha, Dr. H. Stefan (2004). The current thinking is that there is a four stage process which correlates to many human behaviours. This amplification has assisted researchers in gaining a deeper understanding of the nature of phobias.

This process and sequence is now proposed to include

  • Freeze (Hyper-vigilance)
  • Flight
  • Fight
  • Fright (Tonic immobility)

(A fifth stage occurs in very specific phobias called Blood, Injection, Injury, Specific Type Phobia, (BIITS), called “Faint”)

These are useful descriptions in understanding some of the reported phenomena and reactions by subjects experiencing phobias and anxiety.

Our perceptive powers make it possible to respond to hurt before it happens, to pre-empt the threat; we call this feeling “fear”. Fear is a natural human biological response.

Problems arise when we perceived threats where there is little or no threat, and the body responds accordingly as if there is one. There are a number of physical responses which occur as a result of the preparedness of the body for evasive or aggressive reaction.

Some of these include the involvement of the gastro intestinal system, the cardio vascular system and the reproductive system (to mention a few).

How does NLP and Hypnotherapy Address Stress, Anxiety and Panic attacks?

Understand the NLP communication model and how we process memories and meanings and create a model of the world.

  • Regression to cause
  • Timeline Therapy
  • Authentic Self Empowerment
  • Parts Therapy
  • Becoming aware of the need for emotions
  • Discovering a resourceful and calming state
  • The learning of state elicitation.
  • Learning about the evolution of emotions
  • Learning of the PAC concept and the basic of Transactional analysis.
  • Setting of calming and relaxation triggers
  • Learning about chronicty and NLP Trauma Recovery.
  • Developing Key questions
  • The VK Dissociation Patterns
  • Peripheral Vision for relaxation.
  • Reframing and dissociation techniques
  • Changing your meta programs

Hypnosis and NL for Stress Management, Anxiety and Panic Attacks is available in three ways

1. One on one coaching and therapy.

2. Group Training Hypnosis and NLP. Click here for the details of the next course.

3. Download Hypnosis Program for Stress Management, Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Click here for more details


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