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Frequently Asked Questions on Hypnotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnotherapy in Port Elizabeth

Will I do strange things like cluck like a chicken when hypnotized?

I can cluck around like a chicken without any hypnosis, so let’s put that one to rest.

Stage hypnotists have specialized in showmanship and their skills are more focused on getting people on stage that have very few inhibitions. Hypnosis is just like a very sharp scalpel; best left in the hands of the professionals where it can do an immense amount of good when used properly.

And yes, everybody can be guided through a process of hypnosis; everybody can be hypnotized if they want to be so long as they can follow instructions.

Presumably you are coming to solve an issue and you want to experience hypnosis/

  • You will not lose control.
  • You will be aware of everything going on, and you will hear everything I say.
  • You will not tell me any secrets.
  • You will not do anything silly.
  • You will not be judged in anyway and your confidentiality will be respected at all times.

Can I be Brainwashed? or Hypnotized against my will?

No all hypnosis is self hypnosis.

Although some advertisers use elements of trance inductions when they try to sell their products. This is not the type of trance hypnotherapists  would use in assisting you to resolve your problems.

How many session does it take?

This all depends on your particular issue.

Hypnotherapy works exceptionally well when planned and executed with good preparation and understanding.

There are two formats that I use in my practise.

Fixed programs such a smoking cessation, weight management and stress management. These follow a more structured approach and many elements are similar for all people on the program

Client Centred Hypnotherapy and Coaching is a customised approach around your particular issue. Generally I use the first two sessions to understand your background and history of the issue, clear any negative emotions, practise self hypnosis and set well formed outcomes.

Thereafter we may agree to use some of the more complex techniques such Parts Therapy, Analytical Hypnotherapy and Authentic Self Empowerment.

With regards to general emotional issues I would recommend seeing me for a minimum of four sessions

The stop Smoking Program is done over three sessions. If there are emotional reasons to hold onto smoking then we may decide to use  regression or Timeline Therapy®

The Weight Loss Program runs in conjunction with the Fat Loss Review Program and runs over four sessions in the first month and then at least once per month until your ideal weight has been achieved.

Can anybody be hypnotized?

How do you know that you are not already hypnotised?

How wouldn’t you know how far you already haven’t let yourself notice that you are in a relaxing trance… now.

Some of the best results I have ever had is from people who had been blessed with such strong convictions as yours. Together we could come up with some suggestions that would really serve you in life and with that mind of yours there would be no turning back from success!

Certain people have the gift of experiencing hypnotic trance more than others. Personally I am blessed with an ability to relax and trust my unconscious mid to such a degree that I can experience it. The more one practice the better one gets at it

Actually, I would agree that most people are not “hypnotised by other people”. All hypnosis is self hypnosis and I will act only as a tour guide. If you don’t find that… you want to experience a lovely hypnotic trance now, then that’s your choice.

I don’t want you to think that you have already started to think about what relxation means to you as you think about it… or go into a trance as you are allowing my words to relax you.

The choice is ultimately yours one way or another.

 What Happens if I don’t wake up?

Firstly you don’t actually fall asleep in hypnosis. It is much closer to type of focused relaxation.

There is no power in the world that can force you to be hypnotised, nor is there any power that can prevent you from allowing it to happen. Hypnosis is a human function

That’s similar to asking what would happen if you don’t wake up after falling asleep at night. We all go in and out of trance every one and half hours during the day. We go into trance naturally and we come out naturally.

For instance, as you are sitting there, reading these words and thinking about what hypnosis might be like, that is an example of your mind wandering, and it is a good thing to wonder about things

If for some reason you were left in a trance state without bring brought out formally then your unconscious mind would bring you out when you are ready.

Have I told you everything about the unconscious mind and what it is capable of?

What is Permissive Hypnosis?

Permissive hypnosis is characterised by the use of indirect suggestion. As opposed to direct, authoritarian techniques.

By removing the command or instruction to do something the client is then “free” to make a choice whether to follow the suggestion or not. Frequently a number of suggestions are given which invariably lead to the same desired behaviours.

“I wonder whether you would feel more comfortable going into trance with your eyes open or closed.”

Will I let out all of my secrets in a hypnotherapy session?

No. You may well remember things that you have not remembered before, but you will only tell the therapists what you want to. Hypnosis is not a truth drug. You will never lose control.

There are certain NLP techniques which work “Content free”. That means that you can achieve a release of emotional baggage without ever telling the therapists anything about the event.

Some techniques such as analytical hypnotherapy and part therapy are highly effective and help you reinterpret the experiences of information.

Will I Lose Control during a hypnotherapy session?

No. You will always have your free will and you cannot be turned in a “zombie”.

Hypnosis is just like feeling very relaxed.

You will always be in control. What you see in hypnotic shows is generally exhibitionist people having a good time on stage. Many of this people would be the same people being the life and soul of a party. You will not do what you don’t want to do.

What’s the difference between your Conscious and Unconscious Mind? Are you in Two Minds?

You have Two minds, a Conscious Mind and an Unconscious Mind

The unconscious mind is the part of our mind that we are not conscious of now.

The conscious mind has the “critical faculty” and has a limited capacity for memory and information storage, (approximately 7 plus or minus two pieces of information)

The unconscious mind is the part of us that has massive storage capacity for information. Much of this information we may not have thought about for many years if indeed at all. Some information that was taken in during the day may be regurgitated by the unconscious mind during dreams.

As a therapist I would also not let any harm come to you whilst we are both sitting here, chatting together and solving your difficulties.
Do you feel that you need to see more information to hear how we can help you?  I offer various corporate training, group hypnosis and therapy throughout South Africa and You can call me now on 071 863 7398 or mail me immediately at

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