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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy come full circle

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If you have already read my other articles on hypnosis especially whether hypnosis is a definable state, then you will already know that this is a debate which rages on Vaughn Bell from The Observer has recently suggested that the ability to be hypnotized is a discrete genetic trait and that there is a broad range or continuum of suggestibility.

The whole population is represented on this spectrum.

Hypnosis is more frequently associated with stage shows and people squawking around like chickens than it for meaningful and rapid change to habits and emotions.
Studied by scientists in its 1960s heyday hypnosis and the hypnotic state has frequently defied accurate definition and sustainability in the laboratory.

Some of the standard tests involved records being played to a subject with no live interaction from the hypnotherapist. Feedback, Rapport, pacing and interaction are vital components of a hypnosis session; without them hypnosis cannot be truly achieved

More recently hypnotherapy has seen something of a renaissance and resurrection and many studies using the technique are regularly published in the pages of the some of the most respected scientific journals.

Hypnosis and suggestibility (often used interchangeably amongst laymen) is a extraordinary and astonishing characteristic of human consciousness.

As many seasoned hypnotherapists will already know, the ability to be hypnotized seems to be a idiosyncratic trait that is disseminated among the population like height or shoe size. We all have it and it comes in different strengths and sizes.

The traits can be represented in a bell curve distribution.

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Most people have an average ability to become hypnotized, (note that I choose my words carefully here. We don’t hypnotize people we simply facilitate and guide a client in a natural process!).

A very small minority of people cannot meaningfully engage with suggestions without learning specialized techniques

On the other end of the spectrum is the minority who make stage hypnotists such a well known phenomena. These are the people who can engage with almost all,

Hypnosis can’t be used to make people do something against their will, even though the effects seem to happen involuntarily. That includes many of the people who volunteer to go on stage. Those people are the same extrovert and outgoing personalities who will be dancing on the table at company functions.

Involuntary refers to the emotional response that occurs after you have decided to engage with the hypnotherapists it’s a bit like shifting your focus away from a sad movie. If you are an emotional type of person then the sad movie make cause you to cry, but only if you watch. Participation from the client and the hypnotherapists are vital for a session to work.

There is a scale of hypnotic phenomena which require varying degrees of trance or somnambulism. The following scale is an indication of some of the phenomena which might be experienced

  • Physical relaxation
  • Mental Relaxation
  • Heaviness of limbs
  • Eye Catalepsy
  • Arm levitation
  • Amnesia
  • Positive Hallucination
  • Negative Hallucination.
  • Sale State

Contrary to what the so called “state theorists’ suggest, hypnotisabilty is in fact part skill. That means that the ability you have no matter how low initially can be honed and developed and that’s good news for people wanting make changes to behaviors, habits and emotional responses.

Several studies have indicated that highly hypnotizable people show structural and functional differences in the brain when compared to low hypnotizable people, but the question of why we have a varying ability to have our reality changed by suggestions remains a mystery.

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For me, it’s almost like asking about why we have feelings, the debate can go on forever. You can use NLP and hypnotic techniques to create more good feelings and learn from the bad feelings

What is important for me and my clients is that together we find a way to use this miraculous process to their benefit and so that they can live a more fulfilled and resourceful life.

Highly hypnotizable people are indeed gifted as they have the ability to switch certain functionalities of their brains on and off.

These individuals have become key in scientific studies. and Researchers at McGill University in Montreal (Amir Raz et al) reported that it was possible to “switch off” automatic word reading and abolish the stroop effect.

In all probability you have experienced the stroop effect in psychological games. This is a psychological phenomenon that demonstrates a conflict between meanings, such as where we are much slower to identify the ink color of a word when the word itself describes a completely different color

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Furthermore, when this experiment was run in a brain scanner, participants showed much lower activation in both the anterior cingulated cortex, an area known to be particularly involved in resolving conflict between competing demands, and the visual cortex, which is crucial for recognizing words. Although this may seem like a technicality, to the scientific world it was a strikingly persuasive demonstration that hypnosis could apparently disassemble an automatic and well-established psychological effect in a manner consistent with the brain processes that support it.

“Neuroimaging” clearly shows the brain mechanism differences between people who are pretending to experience the effects and truly hypnotized people. The difference between them and the genuinely hypnotized people, the two groups are clearly distinguishable by their brain activity.

Hypnosis South Africa Call 071 863 7398

Researchers from the Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Science in Sydney have used hypnosis in brain injury patients who suffer from a remarkable condition called somatoparaphrenia. This is where the patient believes that one of his or her limbs does not belong to them.

In hypnotizable volunteers, the Macquarie team momentarily instilled a similar feeling of limb alienation to examine whether healthy people could rationalize such a counterintuitive idea, finding that participants remained consistent in their explanations even when challenged with visual evidence.

Other areas where hypnosis has proven to be exceptional is

  • Phantom Limb pain as well some chronic pain conditions
  • Phobias panic attacks and anxieties
  • Stress relief
  • Beliefs and cravings especially with regards to smoking and emotional eating.
  • Sports and performance coaching.
  • Habits such as nail biting and obsessive compulsive behaviors
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