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You Can Stop Smoking

You Really Can Stop Smoking.

You may be looking for a way to stop smoking easily and effortlessly

Stop smoking with hypnosis
Stop Smoking Now Call 071 863 7398

Using the latest knowledge on human behavior, attitudes, values and the power of your own mind.

You will be able to overcome the psychological dependence, ie the belief that you “can’t cope without smoking and won’t enjoy anything again after you stop smoking”.

You will also be tought how to deal with the habit, ie the reason you light up the moment you pour yourself a cup of coffee, or start to unwind after a hard day.

Lastly you will learn how to deal with the physiological effects of stopping smoking. These are a lot milder than the cigarette companies want you to believe.

The program is a carefully designed step-by-step approach which enables you to change your thinking and subsequently your behaviour, so smoking is no longer an issue in your life (this also means you become a free non-smoker, rather than an ex-smoker who feels deprived!).  Or as one client put it, ‘smoking is just another thing I don’t do’.  The approach is 100% natural, so there are no drugs involved, and with the latest acu-pressure techniques, it also means that you won’t experience any withdrawal symptoms or cravings. The programme works regardless of how many you smoke and how long you’ve smoked for

There are two options available in Port Elizabeth

Option 1: The 3-hour program.

I utilise the Stop Smoking Easily course for single sessions. This is also run as a corporate program throughout South Africa with discounts fro groups of more than 4 people.

Option 2: Single sessions lasting approximately an hour each

Average number of sessions around three.

No two people are alike and what works for some people may not work for others.

When you call or email me then we can discuss which option would work best for you.

Do you want to hear more? Of course you do!

Don’t spend more than you should on cigarettes.  Do you feel that you need to stop smoking now? Listen to what I have to say here then call me to see how else we can assist you in achieving your goals quickly, easily and effortlessly. You can call now on 071 863 7398 or mail me immediately at

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