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Controlling Addictions with Hypnosis in Port Elizabeth

Taking back control from Addictions with Hypnosis in Port Elizabeth

Things that you don’t need.


Addictions come in many forms:

Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, prescription drugs, gambling, sex, control, caffeine,

Do you know how this addictive behaviour is really impacting on your life and preventing you from being all that you can be.

Stop for a second and answer this question.

If addiction means being out of control then can you think of anyone famous or otherwise that became and remained fulfilled, happy successful whilst being addicted to even one of the above.

I understand addictive behaviours, I have the tools to assist you gaining control of your life once again.

I don’t change you in any other way than to give you more options and flexibility. I will give you back the ability to choose.

Want to hear more?

Do you feel that you need to discover more about what I can tell you about how NLP coaching and hypnotherapy can help you make rapid changes in your life?

You can call me now on 071 863 7398 or email me immediately on More information available at

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